Barry Bostwick net worth

Barry Bostwick net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Barry Bostwick

Barry Bostwick net worth

Barry Bostwick is a popular actor, who has appeared on both stage and screen. His acting career has increased the current amount of Barry Bostwick net worth by a mile, which has been announced to reach 3 million dollars. In 1975, Barry Bostwick played the role of Brad Majors in the production called “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. The actor was chosen as a replacement to Peter Scolari in the TV sitcom called “What I Like About You”, where he played the part of Mr. Tyler. Barry Bostwick appeared in another sitcom called “Spin City”, where he played the role of Mayor Randall Winston. Moreover, he appeared as the President’s father in the TV production called “Scandal”. Barry Bostwick has appeared in various musical theatre plays, which have made him even more known and increased the total size of Barry Bostwick net worth.
The actor was born in 1945 in San Mateo, California. His father was a city planner and an actor, whereas his mother was a housewife. Barry Bostwick was a student at San Diego’s United States International University, from which he got his Major’s degree in acting.

He began his acting career at the Hillbarn Theatre in Foster City. In addition, for a short period of time, he performed in circus. In 1968, he also became a graduate of NYU’s Graduate Acting Program. Acting eventually became the main source of his fame as well as of increasing the total amount of Barry Bostwick net worth. In 1970, he was appearing with the group called The Klowns, which was unique in a way that the members of it were performing dressed as clowns. In 1970, the group released one album. Also, they released one single which placed on Billboard charts, called “Lady Love”.
He was chosen as a replacement to C. C. Courtney in the musical called “Salvation”. In 1971, he appeared in his next play, which was “Soon”. In 1972, Barry Bostwick played the part of Danny Zuko in the production called “Grease”. For his role, he was nominated for a Tony Award. In 1973, the actor appeared as the voice of the character named Terr in the production called “Fantastic Planet”.
Two years later, his name became known even more when he appeared in the above mentioned production called “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. In 1977, Barry Bostwick had a part in the musical called “The Robber Bridegroom”, and for his role in it, he received a Tony Award. Thus, his career has been recognized and awarded, in addition to increasing the overall sum of Barry Bostwick net worth.
Then, the actor appeared in the TV series called “Foul Play”, which were based on the film of the same name. One year later, he had a starring part in “Megaforce”. In the period of 1986-1987, he was appearing in the sitcom on ABC called “Dads”. In it, he played the role of Rick Armstrong. In 1996, Barry Bostwick was chosen for the role of Randall Winston in the TV series called “Spin City”, where he was appearing until 2002.

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