Barry Weiss net worth

Barry Weiss net worth

Net Worth: $9 Million

About Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss is known as a TV star from the United States. He is also known as a storage hunter. It has been announced that Barry Weiss net worth reaches an amount of 9 million dollars. Barry Weiss sometimes might be confused with another star of the same name, who is involved into music. However, this Barry Weiss is mostly known as a cast member of the TV show called “Storage Wars”, which made him a professional storage treasure hunter. The TV show also is the one which started to accumulate Barry Weiss net worth which he has today. In the show Barry Weiss is usually referred to as ‘the collector’.

He is known as the owner of a collection of various antique merchandises. One of his most impressive collections is known to be his collection of cars. It can be proved by the fact that in every public appearance Barry Weiss is usually driving a different car. Amongst his cars, one of the most important is Custom Cowboy Cadillac which was made in 1947. Usually, this car is the one which is featured in almost all episodes of “Storage Wars”.

Barry Weiss was involved into collecting antique things in his early childhood.

Now, that he is in his 60s, it does not seem like he would quit his hobby. Because he has been involved into collecting antiques from his early childhood, he has a lot of old things from various eras. In the TV show “Storage Wars”, Barry Weiss is mostly known because of his witty thinking and his approach of “anything goes” to the auctions. Thus, because of being one of the most prominent characters on the show, it increases Barry Weiss net worth season after season.

Before he became a star on TV, Barry Weiss was involved into produce business, where he worked with his brother. For 25 years, he build a business empire of wholesale production. It was because this business that he was able to retire and travel all across the world. After seeing a lot in the world, he decided to come back to his home and using his net worth use his passion for antique things, which is how he became involved in the TV show “Storage Wars”, which also increased Barry Weiss net worth a lot. However, in one of his interviews, Barry Weiss has admitted that he does not earn as much money as his colleagues because he usually keeps things which he wins to himself.

Now you have an idea why Barry Weiss net worth is this huge

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