Danny Koker net worth

Danny Koker net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Danny Koker

Danny Koker net worth

Danny Koker is known as a car restorer as well as a television personality, with the current Danny Koker net worth reaching 10 million dollars. Danny Koker was born in Detroit, Michigan, in a quite well known family, what regards the automobile business. A huge part of his relatives were workers at Ford Motor Company. Thus, being raised in this kind of family, it is not a surprise that Danny Koker also turned for a similar career, which seems like it was a great choice when taking a look at the current Danny Koker net worth.

Also, mainly, Danny Koker was a self-taught boy, who learnt a lot of things about mechanics and restoring cars while he was still growing up. Soon after learning this stuff, Danny Koker began restoring both cars and motorbikes. Danny Koker moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he became a television personality. There, he became one of the owners of a TV station and also appeared on its show called “Saturday Fright at the Movies”. Thus, being a TV show star also added up to the total sum of Danny Koker net worth. When he was appearing on TV screens, his character was usually referred to as Count Cool Rider.

In the early 90s, Danny Koker became a businessman, when he opened his own car restoration shop called “Count’s Kustoms”. Since that time, this shop has grown into a quite huge business and it also added a lot of financial success to him, with increasing the overall estimate of Danny Koker net worth, as well. The shop is known for using very valuable materials in restoring not only cars, but also choppers and trucks.

The crew which is working in restoring vehicles is also full of characters. His best friend Kevin is working there as well as an air brusher called “Horny Mike” and Roli who specifies in detailing, besides many other characters.

Before Danny Koker got his own TV show, he was a regular guest on TV shows broadcasted on the History Channel, such as “American Restoration” and “Pawn Stars”. His own show called “Counting Cars”. The series started in the end of summer of 2012 and it follows Danny Koker and the rest of his staff in their daily activities at “Count’s Kustoms”.
In addition to these ventures, Danny Koker is also known as an owner of a tattoo studio called “Count’s Tattoo Company” as well as a restaurant called “Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill”.

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