Les Stroud net worth

Les Stroud net worth

Net Worth: $5.5 Million

About Les Stroud

Les Stroud net worth

It has been reported that the total size of Les Stroud net worth is as much as 5.5 million dollars, as of today. It is also known that he has earned his net worth because of his career into music and filmmaking. In addition to that, he is also known as a survival expert. Originally, Les Stroud became famous and rich because of his work on the TV show called “Survivorman”, which was the main source of Les Stroud net worth for quite some time.

Before he got interested into the field of surviving, Les Stroud was also interested into music. He stayed in the latter industry for several years before he changed his focus. One of his main jobs while being involved into music was an associate producer and as such he was employed by MuchMusic. This company is known as a music channel which is functioning in Toronto, Canada. Thus, this has also been a main source of his net worth for quite some time. In addition to working as an associate producer, Les Stroud was also working as a songwriter and as such he was collaborating with the band called “New Regime”.

For his involvement into music, not only Les Stroud net worth increased, but he was also awarded with a couple of important awards given to him at the Spirit of the North music festival, including Best Overall award, Best Blues Act and Best Acoustic/Best Folk Act.

His focus in life changed when Les Stroud married Susan Jamison. After the marriage, Les Stroud got interested into survival, which eventually became a huge part of his life. In fact, the couple spent their honeymoon in Canada, after which the duo established a company called Wilderness Spirit Production, inspired by their honeymoon.

Les Stroud eventually got employed by the Discovery channel people, where he worked on a couple of programs related to survival. Examples of them could be “Winter in Wilderness” and “One Week in the Wilderness”. These shows have also increased the overall sum of Les Stroud net worth. In 2004, Les Stroud began to work on another show called “Survivorman”, for which he is mostly known today. In this show, Les Stroud is working as a cameraman as well as a director and producer. Other shows on which he has worked and which are related to the theme of survival are “Snowshoes and Solitude” and “Off the Grid with Les Stroud”.

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