Nate Robinson net worth

Nate Robinson net worth

Net Worth: $13 Million

About Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson is known as one of the millionaires in the NBA league and as a result it also makes him one of the richest basketball players. It has been estimated that the current sum of Nate Robinson net worth reaches 13 million dollars. Currently, he is considered as one of the biggest stars on the NBA and he is playing for the team of Denver Nuggets.

When he was accepted to the University of Washington, Nate Robinson also played college basketball and it proved that sooner or later he would be successful in NBA because his skills in playing basketball in college were more than extraordinary. In 2005, Nate Robinson participated in the NBA Draft was chosen as the 21st pick and his career into NBA started, which increased the total sum of Nate Robinson net worth.

Before he started playing in the basketball team of Denver Nuggets, he played for some other teams, as well, such as Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder. Therefore, playing in all these teams also increased the overall amount of Nate Robinson net worth.

Nate Robinson is also known as the first basketball player who became the champion of slam dunk contest three times.

When he was attending high school, Nate Robinson was already successful in basketball. Moreover, in addition to playing this sport, he was also involved into playing football and track.

When he was accepted to the University of Washington, Nate Robinson became a player for the Washington Huskies team. In addition to playing basketball there, Nate Robinson was also still involved into playing football.

Talking about his participation in the NBA Draft in 2005, he was chosen by the Phoenix Sun, but he soon was traded for the New York Knicks. During his rookie year of playing the game, Nate Robinson participated in 72 games and was a starter of 26 of those 27. His breakthrough appearance on the court was when he played in the game against the Philadelphia 76ers. There, he scored 17 points and also grabbed 6 rebounds.

Thus, it was clear that Nate Robinson would achieve a lot in his career as a basketball player and this career eventually started to bring huge sums of money to the overall estimate of Nate Robinson net worth. Nate Robinson also established his name as one of the major winners of the slam dunk contest, as it has been mentioned already, he became a champion of it for three times.

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