Robert Downey Jr net worth

Robert Downey Jr net worth

Net Worth: $140 Million

About Robert Downey Jr

It has been announced that Robert Downey Jr net worth reaches 140 million dollars. In the entertainment industry, he is considered as an A-list actor, who has appeared in a variety of hit movies and blockbusters. In addition to being an actor, he is also working behind the scenes as a producer, which also increases the total amount of Robert Downey Jr net worth a lot. Moreover, in addition to his involvement into cinema, he is also known as being occasionally active in singing.

Robert Downey Jr acted in his first movie when he was only 5 years old. The actor is mostly remembered from films such as “Chaplin”, “Less Than Zero”, “Iron Man” movies and “Tropic Thunder”. These films are known worldwide and added a lot of financial success to Robert Downey Jr net worth. One of the most recent films in which he appeared is known to be “The Avengers”. Out of the box office of the movie, Robert Downey Jr ended up with getting 50 million dollars.

As it has been previously mentioned, Robert Downey Jr appeared in his first movie which was produced by his own father, which was called “Pound”.

One of the most notable films in which he appeared is considered to be “Chaplin” which was released in 1992. His role in the movie got the nomination of the Best Actor in the Academy Awards.

Also, Robert Downey Jr is a notorious figure. He has been charged of drug use and after the release from prison in 2000, he was soon enrolled in the cast of the TV show called “Ally McBeal”. In the TV show, Robert Downey Jr was portraying a role of a love interest of Calista Flockhart. The TV series became known worldwide and also added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Robert Downey Jr net worth. In addition to “The Avengers”, Robert Downey Jr’s recent movies in which he appeared include “Kiss Kiss Band Bang” and “The Singing Detective”.

Born in New York, Robert Downey Jr was born in a family which was also involved into cinema industry. His father was a producer and director and worked mainly behind the scenes of the industry whereas his mother was an actress, who usually appeared in films made by Robert Downey Jr’s father. Also, his father was addicted to drugs, which also might explain Robert Downey Jr’s later addiction to drugs, as well.

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