Rosie O Donnell net worth

Rosie O Donnell net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Rosie O Donnell

Rosie O Donnell is one of the best known female comedians. It has been stated that Rosie O Donnell net worth reaches 100 million dollars. In addition to being a comedian, she is also known as an actress, television star and author. Moreover, Rosie O Donnell is involved in many other activities as well, which bring a lot of fame as well as financial success to the overall amount of Rosie O Donnell net worth.

Rosie O Donnell is a celebrity blogger, LGBT rights activist, television producer as well as being a partner at R Family vacations. When she was a teenager, Rosie O Donnell started her career as a comedian. In 1984, she appeared on the TV show called “Star Search”, where there was a big break for her. In 1996, she got her own TV show called “The Rosie O Donnell Show”. It became a huge hit and was even nominated to get a few Emmy awards.

Also, when she was hosting her own show, she wrote a book of memoirs called “Find Me”. In addition, due to her efforts to help as much as possible to other people as well as for her philanthropic activities, she got a nickname of “Queen of Nice”.

In addition, Rosie O Donnell founded her own foundation called “For All Kids”. She has organized a couple of charities, where she encouraged other celebrities to get involved into charitable work, as well. Also, the star is known to be collaborating closely with the LGBT and is involved into solving its various issues and causes.

In 2006, Rosie O Donnell got the position of a moderator of “The View”. This position also increased Rosie O Donnell net worth. Rosie O Donnell has been also known because of her various comments, which gained much controversy. One of such were her comments about Bush’s administration and his policies with the Iraq war. In 2007, Rosie O Donnell released another memoir, which was called “Celebrity Detox”. In this memoir, the star shared her struggles in becoming a star as well as her work on “The View”.

Currently, Rosie O Donnell is known to be involved into many charities and to be in close collaboration with LGBT. Rosie O Donnell also was involved into being a radio show host. Between the years 2009-2011, she was hosting “Rosie Radio” on Sirius XM Radio. This activity also increased the overall amount of Rosie O Donnell net worth.

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